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08 March 2017 Technology

Steps to Control LED Display

Like other products, there are many problems and the do’s and don’ts during LED display operation.

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04 Aug 2016 Technology

How to Avoid Auto-ignition of Outdoor LED Display

As the temperature goes up, many outdoor LED power supplies that operated for long hours would be malfunctioned..

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29 Aug 2016 Technology

The maintenance measures of outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED display should be equipped with higher protection degree for it can be easily affected by humidity.

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08 Aug 2016 Technology

The factors that cause dead lamps

The phenomenon which one or several lamps can not be illuminated during installation is called dead lamps..

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04 Aug 2016 Technology

How Chip Affects LED Display

As a small part of LED, chip can influence the whole LED display performance. There are normally two types of encapsulation technology, SMD and DIP.

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22 July 2016 Technology

How to Choose LED Specially for Full Color LED Screen

As a new communication media, full color LED displays have its irreplaceable advantages like large size, high brightness and environmental adaption

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